Women’s Health Leadership Network

OWHN’s Women’s Health Leadership Network is an online forum on topics central to women’s leadership, including leadership development, community engagement, sex and gender based analysis, social determinants of health and health equity. This network has developed out of the women’s health leadership programming which OWHN carried out between 2010 and 2013, to build and strengthen the ability of women and communities in Ontario to act on their health issues.

The leadership network offers links to publications, learning modules, videos and other relevant resources. We have also compiled a list of useful information sharing links, such as electronic bulletins, listservs and newsletters. These resources will be complemented by a number of blogs, online community engagement events, including webinars and Twitter chats, to offer learning, discussion and networking opportunities.

We have also launched a new project, Leaders in Women’s Health, to highlight cross-sectoral women’s health leaders, their work, vision for women’s health and recommended resources.

The leadership network will continue to grow as new resources, events and profiles of women’s health leaders are added. We welcome suggestions of resources, topics and leaders that you think should be included on the site.

The Women’s Health Leadership Network was developed with funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

  • Assessing Impacts:  Engaging Women’s Health Leaders

    Women across Ontario are leading change in women’s health, including alumni of OWHN’s women’s health leadership programming (2010-2013). OWHN recently followed up with alumni to learn more about the impacts of the program and their leadership activities. The resulting report and video highlight the need for continued opportunities for women’s leadership development in Ontario.

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  • Women Mentoring Women for Inclusive Leadership

    The Women Mentoring Women for Inclusive Leadership program supports not-for-profit (NFP) organizations to foster mentoring between staff and to increase the inclusion of women in leadership opportunities. Organizations from across the NFP sector are encouraged to apply to participate. We are accepting applications for the upcoming Kitchener and Ottawa workshops until Septmber 5th, 2017.

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  • Leaders in Women’s Health: City for All Women Initiative (CAWI)

    We are delighted to feature CAWI (City for All Women Initiative) in our most recent “Leaders in Women’s Health” blog series. Established in 2004, CAWI is an Ottawa-based collaboration of women from diverse communities, organizations, and academia working with municipal decision makers to create a more inclusive city and promote gender equality.

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  • Leaders in Women’s Health - Dr. Gillian Einstein

    We are pleased to feature Dr. Gillian Einstein in the latest chapter of OWHN’s Leaders in Women’s Health series. Gillian is a leader in investigating the influences of sex and gender in health research, graduate education in women's health, and a champion of women’s health funding and resources.

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