Welcome to OWHN’s new website!

We are thrilled to launch our new online platform for women’s health in Ontario! OWHN will continue to offer the information and resources that have long been available on our site in addition to a number of exciting new features.

As Ontario’s only provincial women’s health organization, OWHN strives to shine a light on the broad issues that impact women’s experiences of health and health care across the province. This website will continue to link you to the information and resources that have long been available on OWHN’s site such as Inclusion Resources and Research and links to resources and events. Our new site is also home to a number of new features:

Women’s Health Portal—The portal is designed to help women connect with health services, resources and information across Ontario. It includes:  

  • A redesigned Directory of Health and Community Services to make it easier to look for services in your community or to add a listing for your organization.
  • A list of resources to help you evaluate online health information.
  • Links to reliable online health information, resources and services.
  • Links to online health related networks, including listservs, newsletters and bulletins.

Women’s Health Leadership Network—Inspired by women leading change in communities across Ontario, this forum offers resources, webinars and Twitter chats to support access to and dialogue on:

  • Sex and gender based analysis
  • Health equity
  • Social determinants of health
  • Leadership development and other topic areas

The leadership network will also highlight inspiring women’s health leaders, from community, academic and health systems perspectives.

French Language Resources—We are pleased to offer increased French language resources on the new site, including a translated version of OWHN’s popular Guide to Focus Groups and more to come.

Blogs—Visit OWHN’s site often for blogs that touch on current women’s health issues in Ontario.

Services—OWHN is available to carry out consultancies in a variety of specialized areas, such as community based research workshops, peer researcher training, facilitation (eg. focus groups, workshops), sex and gender based analysis and leadership development.

Supporting OWHN—As a non-profit organization without core funding, OWHN works hard to secure project grants when opportunities become available. We need your financial support to help us continue to offer our resources and services. Through the new donate link we encourage you to consider making a one time or monthly donations to support our work. Even $5 or $10 can really make a difference!

Staying connected to women’s health in Ontario has never been easier! There are many ways to stay in touch with OWHN and connect with others interested in women’s health:

  • Become a member of OWHN’s listserv to contribute to and keep informed of the latest news, research, events and jobs related to women’s health in Ontario.
  • Follow @The_OWHN on Twitter.
  • Check out our website often for current blogs and events!  
  • As always, OWHN staff are available by email and phone.

We would like to thank the funders who have made this website possible:

And finally, we are thankful to all who have been engaged in and supportive of OWHN’s work over the years. As we look forward to OWHN’s 20th anniversary in 2017, we reflect on the amazing women we have had the opportunity to meet through our research, programs and networking as well as the partners and funders we have worked with. Thank you!